Saturday, December 29, 2007

Boston Organics - produce, bread, eggs, coffee, etc.

Since moving to East Boston last year I have been looking for alternatives to Whole Foods. I have been trying to do without a car for at least 1-2 years and one big challenge is grocery shopping. For several years, while living in Beacon Hill and the North End, I received a weekly box of produce, breads, eggs and an expanding list of "add-ons" from a wonderful service called Boston Organics ( As is the case with several services I had used in the past, Boston Organics does not currently deliver to East Boston.

My understanding is that should a sufficient number of Eastie residents express an interest, they would add us to their Tuesday delivery schedule. While I am happy for Jeff, et al., I was discuouraged to learn that their tremendous growth over the past few years has made it challenging for them to staff their current routes. So, it looks like we would need an even greater number of people to request service before they can manage.

I would encourage anyone who is interested to visit their web site and fill out the contact form requesting service in our area. In the five years I used their service I was very happy and their customer service is the best.

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